Sunday, January 16, 2011

Bridge, in my words

Yorkshire stone bridge, FreeFoto.comdrond : bridge

The Fennas word for bridge is drond. Drond is a rare last name.

How did I come up with this word? The Welsh word for bridge is pont, the Irish word for bridge is droichead, and the Breton word for bridge is pont.

The Welsh and Breton words appear based on the Latin word for bridge, pons, or perhaps the French word for bridge, pont.


  1. hi i like ur blog! I love to make new languages your language is inspirated in Old English? I think Old English is most beatiful language than new english... the word bridge in my conlang is "Մօսթ" /most/ (like in Russian "Мост") i hope to be friends byebye

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog and the kind comment.

    This contructed language, Fennas, is actually Celtic inspired - Welsh, Irish, Breton. It's my other constructed language, Illunse, that is mixes with Old English.